Basic Pudding and Pie Filling

My mother found this recipe years ago.  It is so much easier than standing over a stove and stirring a double boiler full of custard and hoping it turns out right.  I’ve never had this one fail.   It’s a versatile recipe.  I use it to make banana pudding, coconut pie, chocolate pie and many other goodies.   The recipe calls for a cup of sugar but I seldom use that much.  I probably use about 2/3 cup.

Basic Pudding and Pie filling

1 cup sugar

1/3 cup flour

1/4 teaspoon salt

2 cups milk

3 eggs

1 teaspoon vanilla

In a small bowl thoroughly mix the flour, sugar and salt

Break the eggs into a large microwavable bowl. Add the milk and whisk them until they are well incorporated.  Add the dry mixture a little at a time continuing to whisk.  When all of the dry mixture is incorporated and there are no lumps, place the bowl in the microwave and set it for 2 minutes.  When it stops, whisk the mixture and microwave it again for a minute.  Whisk again when it stops.  Continue to do this at one minute intervals.  By about the 3rd time, you should start to see it thicken.  Stop when the mixture is the consistency of pudding.  Add the vanilla and whisk thoroughly.  At this point, you have the base for a pie or pudding of  your choice.   The hardest part of this recipe is waiting for it to chill before you eat it.

You can make a chocolate pudding by adding cocoa powder to the dry ingredients.  You can add coconut to the finished product and put it in a pie shell then top it with whipped topping or meringue.  You can use it in a parfait.  You get the idea.  Have fun.


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