Chalupies….Fake TexMex but Yummy

Years ago, my mom or my aunt, I’m no longer sure which, found this recipe in a newspaper or magazine.  We all loved  it and thought we were eating real Mexican food.  It was Northeast Texas in the 60s.  What did we know?  Not a lot it now seems.  It is a very bastardized version of chalupas which are usually served on a flat, fried corn tortilla.  This uses Fritos.  We have tried tortilla chips of various kinds but they just don’t hold up and become mush in the bottom of the bowl.    Since we always had mulitple family gatherings around each holiday, we eventually got tired of eating turkey and dressing two or three days in a row and began doing this instead.

I’ll make this on Thanksgiving for the two of us this year and think about my mother who left us in September.


Beans – we always used pintos but that is probably because they were readily available.  I am not about to list an amount here because it needs to be adjusted according to how many people you want to serve.  I will probably use Peruvian beans this year because I have some and they don’t upset my stomach.

Pork – use a piece of meat that will stand up to a long cooking time such as pork butt or shoulder.  I have used a couple of chops or some ribs when I don’t want to make enough to feed an army.

Chili powder to taste

Salt to taste


Chopped tomato

Chopped onion (green onions may be used for this)

Shredded lettuce or other salad greens

Avocado (optional)

Shredded Cheddar cheese

Your favorite salsa or picante sauce  (My current favorite is Jardine’s 7 Ranch Chipolte Salsa)


Soak the beans over night if that is your usual method of cooking.  I use a pressure cooker because of the altitude here so I don’t soak the beans.

Put the beans and the pork in your stock pot  with enough water to cover them and cook them until the beans are done.  At this point, the pork should easily be pulled apart with a couple of forks.  If there was a bone or a lot of fat/gristle in the pork, remove it now.

Add the chili powder and salt.  Then return the mixture to the heat for about 5 minutes.

To serve this we always put the beans and pork in a big, attractive serving bowl. Then we put the other ingredients on the table or buffet in smaller serving dishes.  It is eaten from soup/cereal bowls.  The diners form a line and fill their bowls. The Fritos go into the bowl first followed by the beans and meat.  This is topped with the cheese so that the heat from the beans and meat will melt it a little.  After that people add what they want from the other ingredients.


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